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We tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises with a sense of urgency, kindness, and ingenuity. To ensure our programs run smoothly without interruption, we rely on your assistance. By continuing to support us today, you can make a significant difference in helping families endure, recover, and reconstruct their lives.

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Our Roots

We are committed to developing a better society based on empowerment and sustainability.

Beirut For Social Development, established in 1998, is a social development and relief organization that is non-profit, non-governmental, and non-discriminating, developed to build a better society based on empowerment and sustainability.

We are committed to promoting social and economic transformation for vulnerable community members, especially children, and youth, irrespective of their nationality, religion, or social status.

Our Impact

Beirut Blast

On August 04, 2020, the Beirut explosion shaken not just the city, but the whole country.


Lebanon’s unprecedented economic crisis sparks over 52% poverty and a healthcare crisis.

Our Achievements

Beirut Bakery

A bakery for bread production, capable of producing around 2,000 bread bags per day.

Sports Academy

Established Bekaa sports academy to empower youth and combat social exclusion.

Our Partners

UAE Foreign Aid

UAE’s foreign Aid reduces poverty and enhances underprivileged communities’ quality of life through strategies, combining financial support, capacity building, and partnerships for sustainable development.

King Salman HARC

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center extends vital international aid, alleviating suffering, and providing relief to those in dire circumstances. It brings hope and support to vulnerable individuals worldwide.