Beirut Blast

The Beirut Cataclysm is an immensely chilling account of one of the most catastrophic events in recent history that violently shook the city of Beirut, Lebanon, to its very foundations. On the fateful date of August 4, 2020, an enormously colossal explosion erupted within the confines of the port area, unleashing an unparalleled wave of devastation, unfathomable loss, and inconsolable despair in its devastating wake. This comprehensive document stands as an all-encompassing overview of the harrowing incident, meticulously delving into its intricate causes, immediate ramifications, and far-reaching, enduring consequences that continue to reverberate throughout the fabric of society.

Impact in Action

On August 04, 2020, the deadly Beirut explosion has shaken not just the city, but the whole country. It’s yet another disaster for a country that is already coping with rising COVID-19 infections, in addition to an economic and refugee crisis.

Thousands of people have been severely wounded and over 100,000 children are now homeless and in need of immediate care. Hospitals are working overcapacity and some parts of hospitals are destroyed.

Our emergency appeal team responded to this catastrophic event by installing a number of tents on the streets of Gemmayze and Karantina, which were the most affected regions due to their proximity to the site of the explosion, offering a wide range of services, such as medical supplies for the wounded, blood drive, food parcels, daily meals, water and bread for those whose houses have been destroyed, medicine, and medical aid for the clinics and hospitals, and financial assistance for those in dire need.

Other campaigns were undertaken by a group of social workers assessing and helping in the repair of damage created in the aftermath of the explosion. Armed with large brooms and shovels, masks on, they were tirelessly sweeping glass shards from buildings and streets and setting aside torn doors and windows.

Yet other campaigns were undertaken by a group of engineers, working around the clock to determine what each household needs in terms of construction and essentials to help families recover and regroup in their homes the soonest as possible.

Despite the massiveness of the disaster that befell on Beirut, we were embraced by the compassion and generous support from a lot of countries to help Beirut communities rebuild and regain their strength and vibrance. Fundraising campaigns were initiated to rebuild Beirut, our construction works have commenced on the repairs and restoration of homes destroyed in the horrific explosion.

Millions of houses are still in need of repairs. Aluminum, wood, and glass – all essential materials needed in the reconstruction process. For this matter, and to be able to offer more construction work, we established a small workshop.

We are still counting on the persistent flow of donations to keep these workshops functional, and thus help more families return to their homes.